light & color

I have never shot so many black and white pictures as I do now. So far, most of my pictures have been about color, often striving for intense, large, monochromatic shapes or simple patterns. But maybe a year ago, I started to process my pictures as black and whites. I enjoyed the inherent abstraction in doing so: It allows to focus on the form, while visual noise often simply disappears. More importantly, it also allows for a broad range of interpretation and manipulation that appears natural to our eyes. This might be the case, not only because the loss of color is detaching our eyes from a naturalistic view, but also because we have become used to a large number of different black and white processing styles.

As much as I enjoy these possibilities, I felt an urge for some pictures that would be impossible to take as black and whites: I need color. So I want to do some pictures with minimal form, maybe of a single color that changes gradually with the light, but I don’t know yet how it will be.

Today, I only took a single picture, of a glass of water with a candle behind. It is going into the right direction, with the red of the wax and the glint of the flame, reflected by the stem of the glass, forming a floating circle of light.

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