wall projection

Walls are underestimated! With the shades down, a room essentially turns into a camera obscura (where the light only enters through a pinhole), reflecting the world outside upside-down (as in a camera), with the stuff in the room casting contorted shadows into the wall projection. Since I like reflections a lot, I often have a mirror on my table for serendipitous reasons: Small and accidental changes in the configuration of lights, mirrors, and shadow-casting objects often have large and unforeseen effects; and the resulting projections are often nice abstracts. So, these pictures happened by chance over a couple of months in 2011, but I never put them together into a coherent set — until now. The first three have been taken in the early morning, as my room gets most light during the morning, while the latter three have been shot during the night with two desk lamps as light sources and a mirror as main contributor.

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